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The pilot stage makes it possible to realize the process industrial transfer, to carry out robustness tests on different raw material batches, to validate production costs and to assist you until pre-industrial series.
The pilot workshop provides a diversified technological offer from the raw material extraction to the dry form of the extract.
•    Vessels from 200L to 15 m3 including ATEX;
•    Filtrating bottom vessel/KiloLab;
•    All liquid/solid separations (several tons/h including ATEX);
•    Evaporation: concentration (from 400l to 1m3/h);

•    Tangential organic and  mineral filtrations -> 30m²;
•    Electrodialysis, adsorption chromatography;
•    Vacuum dryers;
•    3 spray dryers -> evaporative capacity 100kg/h.

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EXTRACTIS Innovation vous propose ses services à différents stades de votre projet de développement.


The micro pilot stage makes it possible to technically and economically evaluate the plant biomass fractionation/purification/modification strategies of your project.t.


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