EXTRACTIS, your experts in plant-based biorefinery

Extractis is an Agro-Industrial Technical Institute specialized in plant biomass extraction, fractionation and chemistry and in innovative products/processes development.
For 35 years, our 33 plant-based biorefinery experts assist more than 70 customers per year in France and abroad. This support is done in order to secure their innovation, development, products and processes problems.

An expert team

From the start-up company to industrial groups, for every application sector working with plant-based biomass molecules, we are developing innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions.

EXTRACTIS has set up a unique tool in the national territory which provides a structure that wants to innovate, diversify or solve specific problems with access to a set of services and skills ranging from concept validation to innovative products marketing: a combination of conventional and exploratory technologies.

From the start-up company to industrial groups, for every application sector working with plant-based biomass molecules, EXTRACTIS is developing its own method to value food or non-food plant: innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions. The aim of EXTRACTIS is to discover new methods to enhance the plant, whether food or non-food.

The plant-derived molecules on which EXTRACTIS is working are already used as additives and ingredients in the food and healthcare industries, as active agents in cosmetics or as chemical intermediates in various industrial sectors. EXTRACTIS is active in the food (food and feed) and non-food (cosmetics, fine chemicals…) sectors.

Since 2009, EXTRACTIS is committed
to the respect of the biological production mode
in the food field
for its entire site.

Every development project is governed by an ad hoc contract which commits Extractis to respect deadlines, costs, confidentiality and intellectual property rules.

Extractis is ISO 9001 certified
for all its activities
since September 2005.

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ITAI: ITAI (Agro-Industrial Technical Institute) qualification formalised by a Decree on 07/05/07 qualifying a dozen ITAI including EXTRACTIS, awarded by the MAAPRAT (Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rurality and Land Planning).




RTC: The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is a tax relief designed to support the efforts of companies regarding R&D. This is a tax reduction based on the company’s R&D expenses. If the RTC amount is higher than the tax due by the company, this latter can mobilize its credit claim from the State. The research tax credit (RTC) is equal to 30% of the research expenses which are less than or equal to 100 million euros and to 5% beyond. This rate is 50% in the first year and 40% in the second year for companies benefiting for the first time and for those which have not benefited for five years.




ASRC: The Association of Contract Research Structures allows the access for companies and public organizations to innovation and technological expertise. The ASRC federates more than 35 private research and development organizations spread all over the French territory, which are recognized by BPI for their ability to provide companies with innovative solutions in many sectors: healthcare, agro-food, energy…




ACTIA: ACTIA federates the activities of 18 agro-industrial technical institutes and 9 centres interface, of which 1,200 researchers, engineers and technicians assist agro-food companies.
As a national coordination structure, ACTIA represents, boosts and catalyses this unique network of development, transfer, information and training. It creates synergies between multiple skills by coordinating 15 UMTs and 10 RMTs with complementary themes.


33 employees



More than 440 contracts per year for around 70 different clients


More than 35 years of experience


More than 3500 m² laboratories and workshops


4,2 million euros turnover in 2019


+ 12 million euros equipment



33 avenue Paul Claudel
80480 Dury - France
Tel. : (+33) 03 22 33 75 00
Fax : (+33) 03 22 33 75 01


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