Our Know-How and our Team,
Skills at your service.

Whether in innovation or in production, the EXTRACTIS team is there to support you in the realisation of your projects.  The success of your projects is our watchword and we will use all our know-how to satisfy you to the full.

Meet the motivated Extractis team from Monday to Friday all year round from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Our Team :

Christophe BUISSETPresident

Philippe DE BRAECKELAERGeneral Director

Hélène DUCATELInnovation Directrice – ducatel@extractis.com

Olivier DUPUIS Technical Directordupuis@extractis.com

Pol-Aurélien JUBERTDrying Managerjubert@extractis.com

Sabine ROGUET – Quality Manager roguet@extractis.com

Julienne ALLEMONResponsable Commercial et Communicationallemon@extractis.com

The EXTRACTIS team at work.

EXTRACTIS in a few figures

Agro-Industrial Technical Institute specialising in the extraction, fractionation and chemistry of plant biomass for the development of innovative products/processes.

Since 1984, our team of experts in plant biorefinery has been assisting more than 70 clients per year in France and abroad. We secure your innovation, development, product and process issues.


700+ contracts per year for about 90 different clients

32 employees

35+ years of experience

+ Over 3500 m2 of laboratories and workshops

4.3 million euros in turnover in 2022

+ 14 million worth of equipment

Our Know-How

Une équipe qualifiée

From start-ups to industrial groups, for each of the application sectors for molecules derived from plant biomass, we develop innovative, profitable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The plant molecules on which EXTRACTIS works are used as additives and ingredients for food and health, as active ingredients for cosmetics or as chemical intermediates in various industrial sectors. EXTRACTIS operates in the food (human and animal nutrition) and non-food (cosmetics, fine chemistry, etc.) sectors.

Operators, technicians, engineers and doctors make up a dynamic, multi-skilled technical team with expertise in plant extraction within Extractis. This multidisciplinary organisation has built up a wealth of skills and know-how over many years, which it passes on to you through its two activities, Extractis INNOVATION and Extractis PRODUCTION.

With several hundred contracts per year and 35 years of experience, EXTRACTIS is one of the pioneers in plant extraction and works for all sectors of activity. To find out more, please visit our page :

Market Applications

With a wide range of equipment and innovative technologies, EXTRACTIS will provide solutions to your problems. To find out more, visit our page :

Equipements et Technologies.

Une diversité de métiers


33 avenue Paul Claudel
80480 Dury - France
Tel. : (+33) 03 22 33 75 00
Fax : (+33) 03 22 33 75 01


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