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Every month EXTRACTIS publishes EXTRACTS, a technology watch letter which presents industry news, innovative developments in extraction technologies and market information for some extracted products.

For this selection, several thousand requests are constantly launched on the Internet and on targeted bases, which leads to several thousand news, scientific articles and patents each month. We select a few dozen, provided in an abridged form (title and summary of a few lines) which we send you in the form of a newsletter by email. If you want to know more, just click on the article to access the original document on the web.

You are interested? Please do not hesitate to consult the previous issues below. Take notice that the letter EXTRACTS is free and that you can just register at the bottom of this page / home page. You can of course easily unsubscribe at any time, as specified in our commitments regarding the management of your data (

Good reading

Philippe David, responsible for the technology watch letter

Watch newsletter december 2021

Hello everyone

At the end of the year, we invite you to browse our last Extracts newsletter in 2021. You will find a large selection of news and articles on plant extraction, including several articles and reviews on the subject alternative solvents (eutectic solvents, ionic liquids, bio-based solvents, etc.). You will be able to study their synthesis, their properties and some applications.

The entire Extractis team sends you our Greetings of the Season !!

Dr Hélène DUCATEL, Extractis Innovation Director

Watch newsletter november 2021

Dear readers

Here is a new issue of our EXTRACTS newsletter which presents a selection of news, patents and scientific articles collected by our monitoring service around plant extraction technologies. Please note also this month, the publication of the article “Simultaneous extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis of mustard bran for the recovery of sinapic acid” in Food and Bioproducts Processing which presents part of the work carried out under a thesis contract co-supervised by Extractis and URD ABI (a AgroparisTech Research & Development Unit) for the development of a process for the extraction and purification of sinapic acid from two industrial by-products (link1), and which follows up on the previous publication “Optimization of an ethanol / water-based sinapine extraction from mustard bran using Response Surface Methodology” (link2). We hope you enjoy reading it!

Dr Hélène DUCATEL, Extractis Innovation Director 

Watch newsletter october 2021


Here is the October 2021 issue of our EXTRACTS newsletter. Once again, the selection was complex! You will see, through the various sections and articles they contain, that the imagination of those involved in plant extraction is overflowing more than ever. Whether for the improvement of existing processes, the implementation of innovative processes, or the successful combination of different technologies, the genius of the plant process is constantly renewing itself. And from the point of view of materials and extracts, if algae (micro and macro) as well as proteins from all horizons, take pride of place once again, the diversity of resources mentioned in EXTRACTS confirms the ever-growing interest of industry and research for plant biomass. For example, you can meet a promising plant at the very end of this letter!

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Dr Pierre Ferchaud, R&D projects manager and Head of the micro-pilot workshop


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