Labels & Approvals qualify the mastery of our extraction processes

Each year, EXTRACTIS participates in numerous scientific resourcing projects. These different programs allow EXTRACTIS to develop the scientific and technical knowledge of its team on new technologies and new methods of extraction of plants. The objective of these resourcing projects is to find new innovations in traditional extraction processes, to acquire new expertise in order to be able to offer them to our clients as an innovation service. These projects are supported and financed by the Ministry of Research, the BPI and the Ministry of Agriculture because EXTRACTIS is recognized as :
  • CRT

qualified by the French Ministry of Research since 1997


by the BPI since 2000

Research Tax Credit (CIR) approval with doubled base

Networks and Partners

EXTRACTIS also participates in national and European collaborative projects. These collaborations allow EXTRACTIS to develop privileged links with several partners:

Member of IAR ;
Member of the French Society of Process Engineering (SFGP);
Member of the national network of ACTIA Centers;
Member of the national network of the Association of Contract Research Structures (ASRC);
Adrianor Member;
Member of the Institute of Fat and Related Products (Iterg);
Partner of SAS Pivert;
Member of the Mixed Technological Network (RMT);

Partner of the research institute of Charles Viollette ;

Member of the PAI Club (intermediate food products);

Partner of the SAS IMPROVE;

Member of Agrospheres;
Partner of AgroParisTech ;
Member of Agro-transfert Ressource et Territoires ;
Member of the Cosmetic Valley Competitiveness Cluster;
Member of the French membrane club ;


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80480 Dury - France
Tel. : (+33) 03 22 33 75 00
Fax : (+33) 03 22 33 75 01


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