Plant development: Innovation

  • Bibliographic study
  • Brainstorming
  • Technical and economic approach
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tests, analysis…
  • Technical and economic        evaluations
  • Transfer and validation
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Industrial pre-production
  • Unit operations

    Plant innovation: Laboratory


EXTRACTIS supports you on a laboratory scale for the development of your processes or the validation of a proof of concept in order to confirm the technological choices to be implemented later. With its 250m² of laboratories, EXTRACTIS has all the means necessary for the extraction, purification and modification of plant biomass.

With its high-performance analytical equipment, EXTRACTIS provides the monitoring necessary for the development of your extraction processes and the analytical controls of your productions:

  • in chromatography (GC, HPLC, HPIC);
  • with physico-chemical analyses (texturometry, viscosimetry, rheology, laser particle size analyzer, etc.).

    Plant innovation: Micro-pilot

The micro-pilot stage allows you to technically and economically evaluate the fractionation / purification / modification strategies for your project. The tests are carried out on intermediate-sized equipment which allows the material balances of each stage of the process to be validated and provides you with decision-making information for the industrial transfer.

The micro-pilot workshop is equipped with a range of technological tools

for all stages of fractionation:

  • Extraction/purification modification (10 – 100L)
  • Ultrasonic
  • Liquid/solid separation
  • Membrane technologies
  • Membrane electrodialysis
  • Ion exchange column
  • Concentration
  • Spray drying

    Plant innovation: Industrial pilot

The industrial pilot stage makes it possible to carry out the industrial transfer of a process, to conduct robustness tests on different batches of raw materials, to validate production costs and to accompany you through to pre-production.

The pilot workshop offers a diversified technological offer from

the extraction of the raw material to the shaping of the extract.


  • Reactors 200 L to 15 m3 including ATEX
  • Bottom filtering reactor / KiloLab
  • All liquid/solid separations (several tons/h including ATEX)
  • Evaporation: concentration (from 400 L to 1 m3/h)
  • Organic and mineral tangential filtration -> 100 m2
  • Electrodialysis, adsorption chromatography
  • Vacuum dryers
  • 3 spray dryers -> 100 kg/h evaporative capacity


33 avenue Paul Claudel
80480 Dury - France
Tel. : (+33) 03 22 33 75 00
Fax : (+33) 03 22 33 75 01


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