Plant production: toll manufacturing

Your partner for the manufacture of your extracts.

EXTRACTIS PRODUCTION manufactures plant extracts as a subcontractor for the cosmetic, food supplement and food sectors.

This activity is based on an extraction and spray-drying workshop whose capacities are adjustable in order to meet needs ranging from one kilogram to several tons.

The production process, owned by the customer, can be the result of a partnership with EXTRACTIS INNOVATION or in direct response to a processing need. Extracts production services are subject to an analytical support and are framed by numerous certifications (ISO 9001,…).

Do not hesitate to contact our team for your needs in plant production.

Subcontracted plant production
  • Titrated plant extracts (aqueous / solvent extractions)
  • Dry and liquid forms, macerates…
  • Analytical control and batch release
Flexibility / Reactivity / Productivity
  • Permanent 2 x 8 operation
  • Batch size: 2 tons of raw materials processed per batch
Traceability control
  •   Analytical controls (chromatography, HPIC, HPLC, GC, spectrophotometer, rheometer, viscometer…)
  • Batch release > conformity (MS, bacteriology, purity, physico-chemical characteristics…)
Certifications / Standards
logo des certifications : haccp, union orthodoxe, Eco Cert, FDA, LNE

For more information on our plant production tools, please contact us

Plant production : Equipment list

Reception & Preparation of the raw material


Wet Grinder Urshell Comitrol 1700

Fryma MK pan grinder

Electra BC hammers grinder

Retsch SM300 cutting mill


Silverson FX

Silverson Flash blend FLB20


  • ULTRASONIC SYSTEM : 80-200 L/h
  • HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER : 80 kg/h, 1000 bar
Extraction & Separation

Vessels and tanks from a few mL to 15m3 with different specifications (materials, temperature, ATEX, agitation, etc.)

Liquid / Solid Separation

  • Lemitec MD 80
  • Z4D4 Flottweg Decanter
  • Z3E Flottweg Decanter
  • Z23-4/401 Flottweg flameproof Decanter
  • Westfalia SC35 Clarifier (2 phases)
  • Westfalia SaOH205 (3 phases)
  • Rousselet RC60 Basket Centrifuge
  • Rousselet RC50 Basket (flameproof)
  • Orion 40 Platefilters : 4 & 8 m²
Purification up to Drying


  • Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis from 28 cm² to 33 m² with organic and mineral membranes


  • 4 lab scale columns (working volume 300 ml), broad range of resins
  • 4 pilot scale columns (working volume 20 L), flameproof rated


  • Lab scale skid EUR2B (cell surface 0.14 m²)
  • Pilot skid EUR6B (cell surface 2.24 m²)


  • Rotavap R220 Pro 1-10 L/h
  • Evaporator 25 L
  • Falling film evaporator 1000 L/h
  • Falling film evaporator (flameproof rated) 300 L/h on ethanol
  • 500 L crystallizer



  • 1 Buchi L-200 freeze dryer, 6kg/24h
  • 1 pilot spray dryer (single effect) bi-fluid nozzle, evaporative capacity 2-5 L/h of water
  • 1 semi-industrial spray dryer (single effect) bi-fluid nozzle, evaporative capacity 30-40 L/h of water
  • 1 industrial spray dryer (single effect or multiple effects (granulated powder)): bi-fluid nozzle or high pressure nozzle (500 bar), evaporative capacity 100 L/h of water, air treatment (sterilization, dehumidification upstream)

CONDITIONING : A grey room and a clean room of class Iso 8

Additional equipment

KILOLAB: Double jacket glass vessels 5/50 L, 25 L filter, 50 L decanter & 25 L washing column; flame proof rated room; operating temperature from -40°C to 180°C


  • ISO 9001 V 2015
  • Kosher Orthodox Union
  • Approach HACCP
  • Approval FDA
  • Authorised warehouse-keeper
Analytical Support


HPLC (UV, diode array, refractometry)
HPIC (conductimetry, amperometry)

Karl Fisher, Kjeldahl, UV-visible spectrophotometer
Optical microscopy, laser particle size analyzer

Physico-chemical characterizations:

Viscosity measurements (Brookfield, RVA), Color measurements, Turbidity


33 avenue Paul Claudel
80480 Dury - France
Tel. : (+33) 03 22 33 75 00
Fax : (+33) 03 22 33 75 01


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