Since October 2018, we sent you 11 editions of Extracts – the plant extraction watch newsletter, watching market and technologies in this field. It contains short articles with their title, a summary and a link to the source document, which can be for example a brief about the actors of our sector, a patent or a scientific publication.

For the scientific and technologic part, more than 2,100 web queries are automatically sent on the web on a regular basis, which generate more than 5,.000 items per month. We select a few tens to form the letter and distribute them between News and Stakeholders, Extraction and Purification Technologies, Other Technologies and Innovations and finally Markets.

For the October letter, we sent you more than 3,600 letters and you read 590 articles mainly about news and actors. If you are not registered yet, do not hesitate and send us an email to , registration is free.