Extractis is finalising the installation of a new FLOTTWEG decanter: the hygienic Z3E-4/401 with SIMP-DRIVE® SP3.09 reducer. This unit is available for continuous two-phase (solid-liquid) separation for applications in the food and beverage, chemical and biotechnology industries. Its capacity ranges from 0.5 to 4m3/h.

This equipment is the fastest on the market in its category with an acceleration of up to 4600G. The FLOTTWEG decanter is a very compact machine with easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Advantages of Flottweg Separation Technology
– Reduction of energy consumption by up to 20% with the Recuvane® system
– High separation efficiency due to Flottweg Simp Drive® control
– Easy operation and control of the equipment with Flottweg touch screen
– Low monitoring requirements, 24-hour operation (automatic start)
– Long service life due to the use of high quality acid resistant stainless steel and high wear protection

Advantages of the Simp Drive® Flottweg:
– High flexibility in the selection of operating speeds (exact adjustment of the differential speed is possible)
– High throughput due to precisely adapted bowl speed and differential speed
– High energy efficiency
– The machine can also be emptied with the bowl stopped because the screw rotates independently of the bowl (no need to dismantle the machine)

Please contact us if you want to evaluate this new technology!